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Asako Osaki

Dedicated and recognized gender and human development specialist with over 25 years of progressive professional experience in developing countries and Japan. Proven track-record for generating and facilitating knowledge for better policy making, program implementation, and public advocacy. Exceptional ability to develop strategic partnerships across public, private, and civil sectors, for producing transformative results. Excellent communication skills for reaching out to diverse audiences.



Gender Specialist



  • Providing consultative and advisory services to public institutions, private sector entities, civil society organizations, and media outlets for policy development, capacity-building, and awareness-raising on gender mainstreaming, particularly in the context of the SDGs

  • Giving public talks on topics related to gender, human development, and the SDGs at public events organized by government, local municipalities, academic and research institutions, NGOs, and media

  • Undertaking speaking engagements, through the arrangement of a national news wire-service agency, seminars local newspapers organize for community and business leaders. A lecture is summarized and covered in the host newspaper.

  • Undertaking speaking engagements and participation in international conferences at the request of government (i.e., the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Cabinet Office, and the Prime Minister's Office) at universities and multi-lateral organizations in Europe, US, and Asia (e.g., Council of Europe, University of Strasbourg, Columbia University Business School, Haverford College, Cincinnati University etc.,)

  • Giving lectures for the courses related to global issues and multilateral processes at academic institutions. (In 2021, taught at Sophia University, Hokkaido University Graduate School of Global Food Resources, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies etc.,)

  • Conceptualizing and facilitating panel discussions at public events organized by government, academic institutions, NGOs, and the media

  • Conducting gender training for public institutions, bilateral development agency, municipal women's centers, business associations and private companies

  • Undertaking media appearances and interviews, including for network and local TV stations, national and local newspapers, net-based news outlets, and magazines

  • Contributing articles for newspapers, net-based media outlets, and magazines



Gender Action Platform


  • Developing an overall strategy for the activities related to public and policy advocacy

  • Organizing GAP Gender Forum, multi-stakeholder dialogue involving government, businesses, and civil society

  • Mobilizing funding and partnership opportunities with government, embassies, international NGOs, and international organizations for research and capacity-building projects

  • Conducting analytical research and drawing policy recommendations

  • Developing training materials and programs for mainstreaming gender in critical issues such as disaster risk reduction, natural resource management, and entrepreneurship

  • Organizing media briefing sessions


Gender Advisor

Think Impacts (business consulting firm)


  • Provide up-to-date information and knowledge to businesses on the recent global and national developments, including legislation, public policies, and global advocacy trends, in the promotion of gender equality and women's empowerment

  • Support businesses to mainstream gender equality perspectives into corporate reporting, human rights due diligence, SDGs/ESG strategies and actions

  • Support businesses to identify gaps, set KPIs, develop strategies, and implement actions to promote gender equality and women's empowerment, using the UN Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) framework.


Visiting Professor

Kwansei Gakuin University


  • Teaching a course on gender and development at School and Graduate School of Policy Studies

  • Teaching selected sessions at the Graduate Course in UN and Foreign Affairs Studies




  • Member, Experts' Meeting on the Implementation and Monitoring of the National Action Plan for Gender Equality, Gender Equality Bureau, the Cabinet Office, 2021-present

  • Member, Evaluation Committee for Japan's National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2107 - present

  • Member and Chair for the Sub-working group on engaging youth, Committee of Networking on the Promotion of Gender Equality Bureau, the Cabinet Office, 2015-present

  • Advisor, World Assembly for Women (WAW!), the Prime Minister's Office/the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2015 – present


  • Gender Advisor, Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture, 2019 – present



  • Steering Committee Member, 30% Club Japan, 2019 - present



Coordinator Consultant for “WE EMPOWER through responsible business conduct in G7 countries”

UN Women (funded by EU, implemented in collaboration with ILO)




University of the Sacred Heart




Plan International Japan



Gender Advisor for Tohoku Recovery Programme

Oxfam Japan



Advocacy Specialist

UNDP Tokyo



Programme Manager

Bureau for Development Policy, UNDP




1997 Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, New York, USA, Master of International Affairs (M.I.A)

Main course of study: Human rights and humanitarian affairs


1994 Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan, Bachelor of Arts (B.A)

Main course of study: Comparative Philosophy




  • Osaki, Asako. “Series: Gender Mainstreaming ~20 Years of Global Efforts~.”, vol. 111~118 2018 – vol.119-121, 2019 Japan Cabinet Office

  • Osaki, A. “SDG5 and WEPs: Gender Equality as the Basis of Investment Decisions.” vol.3, 2019, pp.23 Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, Global Compact Network Japan

  • Osaki, A. “Women's Advancement in the Context of Global Economy: Policy Agenda in the G20 Process.” (Quarterly Research Report) vol.179, 2017, pp. 5-8, City of Yokohama

Research and Policy Papers

  • Fujiwara, C., Yuzawa, N., Osaki, A., et al (2020). Impact of the COVID-19 on Single Mother Households in Japan.

  • Meguro, Y., & Osaki, A. (2019). Analytical Research on Gender Gap in Toyooka City and Policy Recommendations.

  • Osaki, A. (2018). Gender and Sustainable Natural Resource Management. (Commissioned by JICA)

  • Meguro, Y., & Osaki, A. (2017) Individual Action Plan for the Enhancement of the Ratio of Women’s Representation in Leadership: Midterm Review Study. (Commissioned by APEC Secretariat)

  • Osaki, A. (2017) Analytical Study and Policy Recommendations: Addressing Child Poverty through Kodomo Shokudo (community food kitchen). (Commissioned by Japan Emergency NGO/JEN)

  • Meguro, Y., & Osaki, A. (2015) Good Practices on Economic Empowerment of Women in Post-disaster Reconstruction in Tohoku and the Asia-Pacific. (Commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

  • Meguro, Y., Minagawa, M., Osaki, A., et al (2015) Analytical Research and Policy Recommendations: Impacts of the Great East Japan Earthquake on Young Women and Adolescent Girls. (Commissioned by Oxfam Japan)

  • Meguro, Y., & Osaki, A. (2014) Evaluation and Policy Recommendations: Support to Entrepreneurship Development for Women in the Disaster-affected Areas in Tohoku. (Commissioned by Oxfam Japan)

  • Meguro, Y., & Osaki, A. (2013) Analysis of the Maternal and Reproductive Health Services in the Post-disaster Tohoku and Evaluation of the Assistance by JOCFP. (Commissioned by JOCFP)

  • Meguro, Y., & Osaki, A. (2013) Evaluation and Policy Recommendations: Support to the Economic Empowerment of Single Mothers in the Post-disaster Tohoku. (Commissioned by Oxfam Japan)


  • Empowerment: What Millennial Women Should Know. Keizaikai, 2017

  • A Girls' Guide for a Happy Life (Empowerment). Kodansha, 2013


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